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Wine Product Photography

Glass of wine, anyone?

As funny as it may be, my husband and I actually do not drink. The closest we get most days to alcohol is good ole' fashioned beer - root beer that is ;)

We received a bottle of wine from Wollersheim Winery as a gift. We do not give away the wine we get, nor do we just throw it out. We will eventually open the bottles and have some one night here and there, but in the meantime they become photo subjects for me!

I know what you're thinking - why is Brittany posting pictures of wine on her blog when she photographs people? You have a great point. As a photographer, I like to branch out and test my creativity by photographing different subjects other than people. It keeps me on my toes, and these little projects are fun! I never know what my outcome will be. Things could go exactly how I envisioned, but sometimes they don't and I work harder to strive for appealing images.

Now that it is winter here in Wisconsin, the portrait season has slowed down for me because it is cold and snowy out. I take advantage of this time to catch up on business stuff as well as do some little self projects like this one!

Check out the photos I captured below. I set up a mini "studio" that included white plexiglass, a roll of white paper, and foam board used as reflectors. I used natural light to illuminate the scene, and the garland and burlap were packed away in boxes from when my husband and I got married in October! Finding use for the things laying around the house is definitely worth it!

So what do you think, Wollersheim Winery's next product photographer? ;)


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