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Tips to Finding the Right Photographer

Hi All!

Along with introducing myself (in my previous blog post), I wanted to give you more insight on what you can expect when you work with me as your photographer!

I know finding a photographer is a tedious task! I find it difficult even for myself (I can't always do self portraits!). I've listed below a few key things to think about when looking for a photographer:

  1. Please do NOT be afraid to reach out! I know every single photographer has different pricing, packages, availability, etc. It gets very overwhelming! Please know that I do not mind responding to you with all information up front and answering any questions you may have! I will not take it personally if you decide to go another route for a photographer because you found someone who suits you better.

  2. Find a photographer with a style you like! No photographer edits images the same way nor has the same personality! Check out their website and social media. Decide if you like high contrasty images, or more natural/untouched, or candid or in-the-moment photos vs posed. This will help narrow down your decision! I personally love a more natural feel when editing my images. I like to keep things looking the way they did at the time of the photo session!

  3. Think about how you want to receive the images. Some photographers offer print packages, while others offer all digitals for you to download and share, and some offer both! Think about what style of products you desire! For my sessions, everyone receives the digital images. I've decided to go this route because we live in a digital age where sharing online and sharing quickly with friends and family is important to us. Plus, this way you can always have prints made some time down the road if you choose to!

  4. Studio or Outdoor Location? Decide which setting of photography you are imagining! Some photographers have their own studios, while others work outdoor on location only! I work outdoors on location only, since I do not have a studio space. There are so many parks to explore and capture great memories with wonderful backdrops - no matter the season!

  5. Decide what your price range is. Many photographers offer mini sessions, or different packages for photography! Have kids that only last 15 minutes for photos? No problem! I am very accommodating when it comes to working with you to make the session the best possible. I'm always happy to chat with you for what you are looking for and how to make things the easiest!

  6. What is the turnaround time for photos? Some photographers tend to be busier than others. It all depends on the work schedule! I like to get my clients their photos 1-2 weeks after the session - but NEVER any longer than 2 weeks! I know you all need photos for Christmas Cards, Senior Portrait Yearbook Submissions, etc. Honestly, I don't like to make people wait to get their photos! I know how exciting and important it is to you.

  7. Location. Where is the photographer located? Some photographers charge travel fees if you are outside of their travel range, so keep this in mind! I personally do not charge travel fees if within a reasonable driving distance. I live in Oregon, WI, but will travel often to Hartford, WI area due to family being there. My range is very broad :)

I hope this list is helpful if you are in the process of looking for a photographer! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are considering inquiring about a session. I am always more than happy to chat and give you all information up front! Photographing on location is my specialty and I love it! Creating a great experience and getting you your photos in a timely fashion is what I strive for.

Feel free to check out my website, Facebook or Instagram to view more of my work and see what my style of photography and personality is like! Hope to answer any questions you might have.

Until next time,


Brittany Fischer Photography


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