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Preparing for your Senior Session


Chances are you are here because you are going to be a Senior (congrats!) or you are a parent of a High School Senior. What an exciting and memorable time!

Most high schoolers have not experienced a professional portrait session before - or if they have, it hasn't focused on them primarily. It is TOTALLY normal to feel nervous, anxious, and excited! The thoughts of what to wear, how to stand, and what to talk about seem overwhelming. My goal is to make you feel comfortable, be yourself, and walk you through every step of the way to capture your true personality as we go throughout the session!

There are a few common questions that everyone wonders about, and I am here to help answer them!

  1. Where should we go for pictures?

Location. The possibilities are endless! I recommend choosing a location that means something to you, fits your personality, or has the type of backgrounds you are seeking for the pictures. Decide if you would like rustic buildings, boardwalks, bridges, or water. Maybe prairie or woods. Totally up to you! If you are undecided, I always am happy to give some ideas :)

2. What should I wear?

Choose outfits that you are comfortable in! If you wear something you don't normally wear, you will already feel "out of place" before your session even begins. I recommend that people choose one casual outfit and one dressy outfit - to get the best of both worlds! I always recommend NO neon clothing, or shirts with huge logos or stripes. Keeping it simple is usually best! Neutral colors are always safe (Navy's, tans, grey's, whites, or burgundy). Some also will bring along any sport uniform to have a few pictures with those as well.

3. Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself! If you happen to play a sport or an instrument, have a pet, want to incorporate your car or motorcycle, consider bringing them! I'd love to incorporate what you like, do, or your hobbies in your session. If you have any specific ideas, bring them! Feel free to hit up Pinterest and save any ideas you like! I'd be happy to take a look and make sure we cover those! Again, this session is all about YOU.

4. What time of day is best?

Honestly, any time of day works if you choose the right photographer. If you are specifically looking to get golden hour sunrise/sunset light, then early mornings or late evenings work the best!

5. When is the best month to schedule a Senior Session?

Any month is great for pictures. Totally depends on what you are looking for! If you like the green scenery, summer is best. If you want to wait until fall for the colors, October is best. Fall foliage only lasts so long though, so its best to book early! Winter makes great portraits too with the snow! Also, it depends on when your school needs a yearbook photo submitted. As long as I have 2 weeks prior to that date to submit something for you, then all is good!

It is a privilege for me to photograph High School Seniors. It is so fun, I love getting to know each person, and it's just an exciting time! My goal is to make you feel your best, comfortable, and have the session go by like a breeze. It's always best just to have fun with it! Having fun = Capturing your true personality.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully it helps you better prepare for a High School Senior session. Need a photographer? Contact me to inquire more information! I'd be happy to send some your way. Know a senior? Send this information their way to help them prepare for their session :)

Until Next Time,

- Brittany

Facebook/Instagram: Brittany Fischer Photography


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