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It's A New Year: Welcome 2022!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Where does the time go! Talk about blinking and another year passes! I hope you all had a wonderful 2021 year. I wanted to take some time and introduce myself for those who have just met me this past year, or who will be meeting me here in 2022!


My name is Brittany, and I am born and raised here in Wisconsin! I am in love with this state, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I currently live in Oregon, WI, which is a little city south of Madison. Enjoying this crazy thing called life with my husband Aaron, and our new puppy Abby!

In my free time, I love the outdoors. I will go hiking in any type of weather! Yes, hiking in the rain/snow seems crazy, but it's actually one of the most peaceful experiences! I also love to kayak, do anything crafty, bake, travel, and photograph nature! If you are looking for parks to visit, feel free to ask me for some info! I'd be happy to share experiences.

I found my passion for photography in High School, working with film and digital! I followed my passion and went to Madison College. I graduated college in 2015 with an Associates Degree in Photography! I developed my website, business name, social media channels, and went on my way to starting my business! By day, I am an Image Manager for a photography company in Madison, but by night (and weekends ;) ), I am a business owner/photographer! It gets crazy sometimes but if you love what you do it is SO worth it :)

I am excited to see what this new year brings. I hope to see you all soon!

I wish you all a happy & blessed New Year!



Brittany Fischer Photography


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