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Splash Photography | How To Make It Happen

Hello All!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this long quarantine period! It's definitely been a change of pace with life, but you have to make the most of it! Since portrait sessions aren't allowed during this time, I've been finding ways to keep my creative gears rolling. This week I experimented with splash photography!

I've never tried splash photography before, but it was always an idea I had in my mind and quarantine time was the perfect opportunity to try it out! Here I will give you a behind the scenes look of what my setup was like, how I did it, and what the end result was!

~ Gear Used ~

Canon Rebel 6D

50mm lens

Pocket Wizards

Canon 600 EX-RT Speedlight Flash

Light Stands

Backdrop paper

Plexi - Photographic Surface

Speedlight Gels

Subjects to Photograph

Clean Glass Container




Great timing & You're creative mind :)

~ The Setup ~

Once I gathered everything I needed, I had to find a space to set up. A large space is not required, so I did mine in a bedroom in my apartment :)

I set up my backdrop stands, hung my backdrop, and filled my glass container with water. I laid towels on the floor in case I got water everywhere. I then got my camera and light ready to go and connected with my camera. I set my camera to manual focus, and set the focus in the spot where the item will be falling into the container.

Once I was ready to begin photographing, I assumed my stance and got ready for some crazy awesome timing. I dropped the item into the water while at the same time pressing the shutter button on my camera to take a photo. This takes a few tries to get used to the timing! I photographed until I got a desired shot.

It's easy to play around with different items, from fruit to cans of soda, or anything else you find! I added color over my flash to create a colored shot rather than white. Never hurts to play around!

~ The Outcome ~

The two photos below are my favorite shots of all the ones I took! Placement of the items in the container are perfectly placed, and is accompanied by a decent looking splash. I tried out my speed light with a light blue gel to create a unique color effect :)

Hope you enjoyed reading about the behind the scenes setup and process of Splash Photography! Thank you for reading :)

Until next time,

~ Brittany Fischer

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