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Day to Night ~

As a photographer, I am constantly finding inspiration, ideas, and experimenting with personal projects. About a month ago, I discovered a photographer whose work I really enjoy.

His name is Stephen Wilkes, and he has become one of America's most iconic photographers.

Stephen came up with a photography project called 'Day to Night'. What is it exactly? In Stephen's case: he chooses a location, decides on a focal point, and stations his camera in one spot for 24 hours. He captures the sunrise, mid-day and the people who appear throughout the day, and then the sunrise. Out of the 1,000+ photos he takes, he picks out the best and composites them all in photoshop. As a result, a masterpiece telling the story of an entire day is created.

After looking at his work, I got inspired and had to try one myself!

I decided to create my first Day to Night composite with the focal point being the Wisconsin State Capitol. The view of the lake, the Capitol, sunset, and night city lights created a beautiful photo.

In my instance, my Day to Night project was for a duration of 4 hours. Within those 4 hours, I took 40 photos, and ended up using 20 in the photograph posted below. Take a look, and I hope you enjoy it!


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