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All About Downtown

Yesterday I got the opportunity to join Nate Bett, from Canon, on a photo walk located Downtown Madison. Nate generously loaned out the new Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera for us to work with and experience.

This was my first time working with a mirrorless camera. I thought it was interesting to photograph with, especially with some features the camera had. The camera was small, light, and easy to carry around; basically night and day compared to my Canon 6D when it comes to weight and size.

Last night we spent a couple hours walking around Downtown Madison and around the capitol building just photographing everything. Below I have photos from both my Canon 6D and the Canon M50 Mirrorless camera.

Enjoy taking a look!


Below are a few photos taken by the Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera:


Below are a few photos taken by my Canon 6D:


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