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Birds of the Wildlife In Need Center

The Wildlife In Need Center, as known as WINC, of Oconomowoc is an organization that rehabilitates injured or hurt animals. Then later releases them back into their natural habitat if they are able. Also, WINC provides educational programs to help educate people about interacting with animals.

This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to help mentor a few nature photography enthusiasts during a wildlife photography workshop. I was there to help answer questions anyone had during the workshop, and give a little bit of insight about some lighting equipment that was available to use as well. I love to teach people about photography because photography is my passion. Teaching people about what I love to do is the best thing in the world.

In this workshop, WINC let us photograph five raptor birds outdoors. Each of these birds has their own story on how they found their place at the Wildlife In Need Center. Below are a few photos I took myself during the workshop. With each photo I included a little description about the bird so you can see why it has a place at WINC.


<-- Meet Chloe!

She is an Eastern Screech Owl, and is

approximately 80% blind after being

a victim of a car collision.

Meet Dakota! -->

He is a Great Horned Owl.

He became sick due to

poor nutrition and being

in improper care. If released,

he would seek humans for

food. He would not be

releasable into the wild.

<-- Meet Grace!

She is an American Kestrel, which is part of

the Falcon bird family. She had a permanent

left wing injury, which makes her incapable

to hunt.

Meet Raenah! -->

She is a Red Tailed Hawk, and

has a left wing injury. She was

not able to fully gain strength

after surgery, and now isn't able

to fold in her left wing.

<-- Meet Sova!

She is a Barred Owl, and

only has one eye due to

being a victim of a car


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