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Creativity, not only in Photography

I live by seeing everything through a lens, even if the camera isn't in front of me. I've always been creative, artistic, and crafty, and lately I've put my creative juices to a slighty new creative area: Graphic Design.

Photography has always been my number one creative mode, but I haven't limited myself to just photography alone. Here and there, I've done minor graphic design work. For example, I was the creator of my own photography logo. But just recently, I took on a greater project.

A new local duo band approached me with an idea. They wanted flyers created for advertising. Putting my minor graphic design skills to the test, I pursued this project.

My creative juices were flowing, and within a few hours I came up with four different designs for the band's flyer, given the information, details, and ideas we both discussed.

I met with the client to present the designs I had created. They loved all of my designs! Suddenly, I knew I had more creative talent than I ever thought. This opens an entirely new realm; who knows where I could go from here.

To sum up this little story/experience of mine, below are the flyers I created for this talented local band. I am grateful that this band reached out to me asking for my creativity, and made me discover more talent than I ever thought I had.

I wish nothing but success for this very talented local duo band, as they are one of a kind. I encourage you to check out their Facebook Page: Tom and Jo. Spend an evening listening to their one-of-a-kind musical talent if you're in the area.


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