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AQHA: Model Quarter Horses

The American Quarter Horse Association, AQHA, is a foundation that supports equine- related educational and charitable programs. They help enrich the lives of people and horses, which is what makes the heart of this blog post so special.

In the AQHA's most recent e- newsletter, they share the stories between the owner and their horse. One of these stories, though, includes one of my dear friends, Jessica. I've known Jessica my whole life, so reading her story knowing the bond between her and her horse Callie, was extra special.

Just a couple years ago, I photographed Jessica for her high school senior portraits. I had no doubt in my mind that her beautiful horse Callie would be part of it! It was one of the most beautiful sessions, witnessing and capturing the bond between Jessica and Callie. How little did I know that one of the portraits would end up being published in an online newsletter!

I am so honored to have experienced and captured this close bond between Jessica and Callie as the years have gone by, and I'm so happy their story and beautiful portrait can be shared with others through this newsletter.

You can view the entire article by visiting their website:


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