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Early Morning Adventures~

Early mornings; Quiet, peaceful, and calm. Not a soul, animal nor human, in sight ... except for maybe a straggler, of course. Hearing nothing but your shoes brushing atop the dew-covered grass, or an occasional misquito buzzing in your ear. Making your way further and further down the trail, soaking in that beautiful golden hour sunlight.

With my camera in-hand, I started my adventure at 7am this morning. I captured the sunshine lighting up the dew droplets on the grass, flowers, and spiderwebs. And photographed the golden hour sunlight, lighting up the landscape in a wonderful warm tone.

Below are a few photographs I captured on my hike this morning on part of the Ice Age Trail.

In love with those line of evergreens every time I visit this place.

Dew droplets cover this entire prairie flower.

Wide-open prairie land.

Massive spider webs become well-noticed as the sun peaks from the East.

Kettle- Moraine Forest landscape.

Spiderwebs covered with dew droplets.

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