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Me, Myself, and I ... And my camera, of course!

Sometimes the best subject around happens to be yourself. I decided to photograph a few self-portraits, right as the sun was beginning to set this evening.

What did I use to create these self-portraits? Nothing too complex.

-->DSLR (Canon 6D), Canon 50mm lens, Remote Shutter Release, Tripod, Lighting: The Sun, A Subject (Myself!)

My tripod was handy, but for lower shots I set my camera up on top of a landscaping brick. It ended up being about 4-5 inches off the ground.

It is best to have a remote shutter release for your camera. It beats using the self timer, and with that you would need to keep running back and forth. I decided to try out my camera's built-in wifi capability for the first time. I enabled the wifi on my camera, and connected using the wifi through an app called EOS Remote. That way I was able to press the shutter from my phone.

For a lens, I used my Canon 50mm. Great for portraiture, and generates a fantastic bokeh!

Scroll down below to see the photographs from tonight. The sunlight was beautiful.

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