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Starry Nights

I often wonder how many people notice that sunset on the way home, or that starry sky at night. For me, I notice things like that every day. Some say its because I have that "eye" as a photographer, which I do. But mostly, I just love taking in those moments, for my simple pleasure.

Lately, I've been photographing at night. Why? Night time is a completely different story, and I love it. It's another great way for me to challenge myself, as well as my photography skills. And, I just love taking in that clear starry sky.

Photographing at night has its challenges. It's challenging simply because it's night time! Light is the key source for photography. A tripod, remote shutter release, and manual camera settings come into play as a result of limited lighting.

Below are a few night photography shots I captured these past couple weeks. And yes, this includes the eclipse! I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them!

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