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Thank you to all! Now off to what is next...

How I started:

I've been interested in photography since high school. I took a photography class, and worked with both digital and film. I LOVED it. Who knew in junior year of high school I would realize what I wanted to be: A photographer! If it wasn't for photography, I'm not sure what other career I would be interested in pursuing.

On Friday, May 15, 2015, I achieved one of my biggest goals in life. I graduated from Madison Area Technical College (MATC) with my Associates Degree in Photography! Three years of schooling, and two of those years doing nothing but photography courses. I have to admit, times have been stressful and overwhelming. But all was worth it!

Special Thanks:

I would like to thank everyone in my life for being there and supporting me as I worked on achieving this huge accomplishment. Thank you to my Mom, Dad, and relatives. Thank you to the individuals who took their time and modeled for me for my assignments. Special thanks to all of my classmates. We have become incredibly close friends throughout these past two years of college. I appreciated all of the feedback, suggestions, and comments about my work. It was a great learning process for all of us! Last but not least, thank you to my instructors. You all truly cared about each and every one of us, and took the time to help us in every way possible.

Pictured below are a few photographs I completed for different photography assignments. A few of them ended up in my final portfolio!

My younger brother, Shaun, has modeled for me for numerous assignments and projects. (Above)

One sunny afternoon, Jordan gave some of her time to be a model. (Above)

Cherise came into town to model for me for an assignment. (Above)

This is one photograph from the first Maternity session I did. This photo ended up in my final portfolio. (Above)

This is my dear friend, Jessica. She has given so much of her time to model for me. This is a photograph taken during my first year of photography courses. (Above)

My photography instructors and I right before the MATC Portfolio Show began on May 7, 2015. They have given so much of their time, honesty, and opinions throughout the past two years.

These individuals made class fun. All of our in class critiques, comments, and suggestions helped me grow throughout the semesters. All of my classmates and I are pictured above.

With my diploma in my cap and gown (Above).

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