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Portfolio Show!

My final semester of college has been quite the challenge, and is quickly coming to an end. This crazy semester has consisted of creating business cards, building a website and Facebook photography page, maintaining a blog, generating my final portfolio, and continuing to complete photography assignments. Where did I ever find time to breathe?!

With months of being stressed and overwhelmed, all the hard work finally paid off. On Thursday May 8th, I participated in the annual Madison College Portfolio Show. What an amazing experience! Professionals and guests made their way through the Madison College Gallery, observing what my photography classmates and I have been working on these past two years. And let me tell you, we are all very talented photographers!

A photo of myself just before the show began. (Above)

I have learned so much from my photography instructors these past two years. Words can't even explain how incredible they are! (Above, From Left: Mario Quintana, Jim Wildeman, Myself, and Steven Rhyner). Also to the instructors not pictured above: Ya Ling Tsai, Pierre Stephenson, Michael Mowbray, and Rick Trummer.

I was photographed during the show as a guest looked over my work.

~Photo Credit: Mario Quintana~

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