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Social Feature: Madison Magazine

Nature/Landscape Photography is something I do regularly on my free time. It's a great pass time, gets me out with nature, and it's a way for me to de-stress from crazy life for a moment. 

On New Years Day, 2019, I set out for a short walk. It was the day after a snowstorm, and the trees were completely covered in the beautiful white stuff we call snow! I captured so many great photographs from New Years Eve Night as well as on New Years Day. 

As always, I post my nature photography on social media. I love to share my art with everyone. Little did I know that my photo was soon to be featured in a magazine!

I received an email from Madison Magazine, stating that they decided to use my photograph as their "Social Feature" in the February Edition of their magazine! Shocked I was, but incredibly happy! Now my photo will be seen and enjoyed by an even bigger audience.

Check out the Madison Magazine February Edition 2019 to see it for yourself, otherwise I have a picture of it posted below. 

I'm so incredibly thankful for this opportunity - Thank You Madison Magazine!

Pictured On Left: My photo published in Madison Magazine.

-Pictured Right: Photo that was published. Taken in Middleton, WI on 1/1/19

Madison Magazine Social Feature
Madison Magazine Social Feature
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